Certified Superior Court Mediator Harrison A. Lord

Mediation Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Harrison A. Lord is a Certified Superior Court Mediator. In that role, he helps parties resolve their disputes both in and outside of litigation. He regularly mediates disputes involving contractual disputes, personal injuries, products liability, collections cases, and business disputes of all kinds.

Harrison brings his wealth of litigation experience to his role as mediator. He believes strongly in the process, and its role in getting cases settled. He also believes that a good mediator should do more than simply act as a messenger conveying offers back and forth between the parties. He is creative, and consistently settles even the most difficult cases.

Harrison has spoken statewide on the challenges and techniques of successful mediations. He is a strong proponent of virtual mediations, and regularly mediates cases remotely via Zoom across the state.

When he went to law school, Harrison was immediately drawn to mediation as part of his legal training. He participated in the ABA Representation in Mediation Competition for two years. He finished as a regional finalist in his first year before emerging as regional champion and placing third nationally in his final year. He also received mediator training as part of an independent study program, and gained valuable experience mediating community disputes.

Now, Harrison devotes a significant part of his practice to mediating across North Carolina. His current hourly rate for mediations is $300.00, and he is available both in person and through Zoom. He makes quick and easy scheduling of mediations a priority--contact him at [email protected] for dates.