Limited General Counsel Services

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Limited $500[1]
Use of Client Letterhead/Email Address; Listing Attorney as General Counsel on Client Website[2] X
Real Estate Closings[3] X
Lawsuits under $25,000 X
Simple Contract Review[4] X
Uncontested Judgments[5] One per year
Annual Review Up to three hours
General Client Correspondence Up to six letters per year
Consultations Up to three hours per month; phone only
Referrals Unlimited
Discount on Standard Fees for Additional Services 15%

[1] Based on monthly installments of annual contracts. Client is always responsible for any additional costs other than fees (e.g., filing fees).
[2] Client bears sole responsibility for technology management and costs.
[3] Real estate closings are to be arranged through relationships with real estate counsel.
[4] Simple contracts shall be no more than five pages long.
[5] Uncontested judgments are limited to complaints for money owed in which the amount in controversy is $25,000.00 or less, to which no answer or other response is filed or served, and which require no in-court appearance.