Beach Boys Founder Brian Wilson Placed Under Conservatorship After Wife’s Death


Legendary musician Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, was recently placed under a conservatorship by a Los Angeles court. This decision comes more than three months after the passing of his wife Melinda, who served as his primary caregiver.

Following Melinda’s death, the responsibility of caring for Brian has fallen on his longtime publicist Jean Sievers and business manager LeeAnn Hard. The court appointed them as co-conservators to manage Brian’s personal affairs and healthcare decisions. It’s important to note that this conservatorship only covers Brian’s person, and his finances are already handled by a separate trust with Hard as the trustee.

The court documents reveal that Brian has been diagnosed with a “major neurocognitive disorder,” most likely dementia. This condition affects his ability to make informed medical decisions and manage his daily medications. While under the conservatorship, Brian will continue living in his own home. The court has also stipulated that Brian’s children, from both of his marriages, will be kept informed about his care and will have a say in any major healthcare decisions.

In North Carolina, the legal term used for situations like the Wilsons’ is guardianship. A guardian is a court-appointed individual who manages the financial affairs and wellbeing of someone deemed incapacitated. According to Rule 17 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, testamentary or general guardians can bring and defend lawsuits on behalf of an incompetent person(s) they are appointed to protect. At Lord & Lindley, PLLC, Trey Lindley has extensive experience guiding people through the guardianship process. We understand the emotional and legal complexities involved in seeking guardianship for a loved one.

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