How To Successfully Consult With Your Charlotte Business Attorney

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Attorneys are there to handle the legal problems that the layman cannot. That said, there are some things they need from you as well. You need to be prepared to not only ask certain questions, but to answer some as well.

Here are some things you should do before you consult a Charlotte business attorney.

Have everything organized

That goes for both your story and your documents. In order for an attorney to help you in the most efficient and comprehensive way possible, they need to know all of the details regarding your case. It’s probably a good idea to sit down and write out a detailed explanation of what has occured, what you are being charged with, what legal actions you want to take, and why. Also, it always helps to have all the legal documents rounded up and organized in a folder that you can present to your attorney. This will help make things go much faster and smoother.

Legal battles can be complicated and time consuming. That’s just the way it is. However, having the all of your ducks in a row is going to guarantee a much better outcome, and may just be the deciding factor between a successfully fought case, and one in which you didn’t come out ahead.

Be as honest and detailed as possible with your Charlotte business attorney

It’s never a good idea to lie to your attorney. After all, he or she won’t be sharing confidential information with anyone, and they need to know the whole story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – in order to best serve your case. There’s no reason to be worried about “judgement” or some sort of repercussions from your attorney. It’s their job to fight your case objectively and impersonally. However, before that can successfully be done, they need to have all of the right information.

True honesty also means being detailed. Be sure to give your lawyer as many specifics about your case as possible – names, dates, events, and all other relevant information. Write this all down beforehand, preferably on a computer document that will be printed out once you are done. Include bullet points of all of the most relevant details.

Fighting a legal case is also an ongoing process. Things are always changing, and they’re bound to change over the course of your legal battle. If there are any details that you think could influence your case, no matter how small they may be, inform your attorney.

Don’t be afraid to ask your Charlotte business attorney questions

Your attorney understands that legal terms are often obscure and confusing, and that the legal landscape is something that goes beyond the grasp of the layman. That’s what they’re there for! If you need clarification on something, be it a simple term, or the reasons behind certain processes or procedures, ask for it. Arming yourself with knowledge will not only put your mind at ease, it will strengthen your sense of teamwork with your attorney, which will ultimately strengthen your case.

Also, be ready to ask certain questions you have before consulting with your attorney. Write them down so that you don’t forget them. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • How long have you been practicing? Depending on your case, this may be an important issue for you. If certain cases can be handled easily by an attorney straight out of law school, then there shouldn’t be a problem. For other cases, you might be looking for an attorney with a few years of experience behind them.
  • How will you be communicating with me about my case? You don’t want to be left in the dark, and a good attorney won’t let you. Successful legal battles are founded on clear and open communication. Make sure your Charlotte business attorney explains how they will be keeping in touch with you regarding the details of your case, and how often.
  • What types of clients do you usually work with? You might be wondering why you’d want to ask this, but it’s an important question. If you’re a self-employed contractor with legal problems, you probably don’t want to work with an attorney who only works with corporations.
  • Do you have a lot of experience working on cases like mine? It’s never a bad idea to get a feel for your attorney’s level of experience, and that includes experience in your particular case. Your Charlotte business attorney probably works in many legal realms related to business and has probably worked on many cases that are almost identical to yours, but it never hurts to ask. In fact, now is the time to be blunt and ask anything you want directly. Don’t feel bad about asking how many cases they’ve settled that are similar to yours. These are details you will want to know.
  • Other than a law degree, do you have any other credentials, knowledge, or training that could further help my case? Some legal cases require specialized training or experience before a case can be successfully fought.
  • What are the financing options that are available? Many Charlotte business attorneys offer a range of financing options for their clients. Your attorney should have something that is reasonable for your case and your budget.
  • What do you honestly think is the most likely outcome of my case? You want to know if you have a fair chance of winning your case. This could help you decide whether you want to fight your case to the fullest extent of the law, or possibly figure out settlement options.
  • How do you usually go about presenting and winning your client’s cases? This is important for many different reasons. Let’s say you have been stolen from or wronged in some way and demand compensation and justice, you want an attorney who is known for a direct and aggressive approach. However, if you’re simply looking to successfully form a new business, you may instead desire a level headed, practical approach with an eye for detail. That said, good Charlotte lawyers can take both approaches, and switch them up depending on the situation at hand. This is one of the hallmarks of a good Charlotte business attorney.
  • Are there any other ways I can solve my problem? If there are ways your problem can be solved out of court, you may find them to be a better option. A good Charlotte business attorney will tell you if this is the case.

Preparing yourself in accordance with the above information is the best way of successfully preparing for legal consultation with your Charlotte business attorney.